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Armtex is a global leader in technical textiles and laminates. We’ve achieved this position by always exceeding our loyal customers’ expectations and earning their trust in our expertise and skill. Today, we're proud to provide high-quality products across Canada and around the world.

Our products are known for their quality, strength, and durability.

A variety of uses

Armtex products are perfect for a variety of applications in a number of industries and sectors, including transportation, sports, energy, marine, and construction.

We work with manufacturers who need high-quality materials to strengthen and lighten their products or meet demanding performance criteria for product durability, strength, and service life.

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We offer a complete range of technical textiles and laminates reinforced with fiber glass, carbon, or aramid fibers to meet the mechanical properties our clients need.

We work closely with our customers to make all our products to measure. Our textiles and laminates stand out for their quality, strength, and durability.

Technical Textiles

Multiple options to meet your needs

We have the expertise and technology our customers need to offer an expanded range of technical textiles and reinforcements designed and optimized to meet their needs.


Customized design

We develop, design, and manufacture superior quality laminates that match our customers’ specifications and meet the highest quality and performance standards.

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We offer an impressive selection of fiber glass, carbon, and aramid fiber textiles with the mechanical properties you need.