We design, develop, and manufacture our products to provide you with the highest-quality composite materials. We tailor each product to your specific requirements.

Fibers and epoxy resin

Armtex produces composite materials from a variety of fibers in epoxy resin. Our continuous manufacturing process allows us to make superior quality laminates whose features are unique to each of our customer’s needs and specifications.

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Tailored reinforcements

We design and develop all our laminates to order. We make each one specifically to meet the needs of each individual customer. We select the ideal fiber based on loading and the desired strength, then tailor the width and thickness to create a custom-made product.

  • Extensive selection of fibers and reinforcement structures
  • Sanding and cutting per customer requirements
  • Corrosion resistant and waterproof
  • Minimizes moisture absorption when laminated with wood
  • Consistent quality and mechanical properties

Value-added materials

Composites have exceptional properties that give them a number of advantages over other traditional materials that might be suitable for the same applications.

  • Weight for weight, composites are much stronger than many other materials.
  • They’re as strong if not stronger than aluminum and steel, with equal or greater stiffness, but far lighter.
  • Their corrosion resistance and stability at extreme temperatures make them stronger and last longer.
  • The matrix used to make them increases chemical resistance and weatherproofness.
  • Composites are also excellent insulators.
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Our continuous manufacturing process

We make our laminates using different fibers and/or cloths that we combine with an epoxy matrix and then polymerize in a continuous manufacturing process. The result is a brand-new material with properties that the individual components alone didn’t have. These materials are chemically stable, ready to use, and can withstand higher stresses, making them ideal for any applications that require lightweight, strong, durable materials.

We produce our laminates, which we impregnate with high-quality epoxy resin, on a high-temperature, high-pressure, continuous process press, providing the desired stiffness and delivering a uniform finished product. Our manufacturing expertise and the ability to manage precise temperature and pressure settings on the press ensure optimum impregnation of the fiber reinforcements, resulting in the correct thickness and mechanical properties per our customers’ specifications. All manufacturing steps, including impregnation, rolling, curing, surface treatment, and packaging, are all completed as part of this continuous process.

We use unidirectional reinforcements, such as glass, carbon and aramid fibers. Glass, carbon and aramid cloth can be combined with unidirectional fibers to obtain maximum stiffness, strength, and resistance to twisting. Our products have the right properties for your requirements. All our reinforcements are custom designed and made to measure according to your loading requirements, chemical and environmental exposure specifications, and desired thickness and width.

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  • Available in single pieces in widths between 25 mm and 920 mm as needed
  • Available on rolls for certain product lines
  • Thickness: 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm